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Do you still have an auto loan? Lenders almost always ask for full car insurance coverage. However, have you paid off your loan? You may think about dropping parts of your coverage like collision and comprehensive insurance. If you only keep liability coverage, you might reduce your auto insurance bills. READ MORE >>

Every business has the right to protect their copyrights and trademarks. Sometimes, mistakes happen. If your company is facing a claim of infringement, you must take action. Let your business insurance agent know. In some cases, your liability insurance will help to cover the losses associated with these claims. READ MORE >>

Homes can do so much more today than ever before. Not only do they provide a safe place to live, but they interact with people. Smart technology is providing many benefits for homeowners nowadays. It can control home security and energy systems. It can control lighting. Some systems even answer random questions. READ MORE >>

Let's face reality.  No one likes paying for something and seemingly never getting anything back.  Many people feel this way about insurance.  This can lead to using your insurance for unintended purposes in order to get something back. READ MORE >>

Since I have been on both ends, this is a topic I could talk all day about but I'll keep this one short. A captive agency is one that represents one company for most of their products.  These include State Farm, Country Insurance, American Family, Allstate, Farmers, and a many others. READ MORE >>

One thing I run into a lot when insuring people's homes is this very topic.   The amount the insurance company wants to insure the home for on a home insurance policy is a lot more than what the homeowner says it is worth.   Well, it depends on how you look at worth. READ MORE >>

One question that comes up a lot is:  "As my vehicle gets older, why doesn't my auto insurance premium drop since the vehicle is worth less?"  This is a great question!  At first thought this seems like the logical process.  The vehicle is worth less, the insurance company will have to pay out less if it is totaled, so my rates should go down. READ MORE >>

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